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home desktops

Starting from $280



Starting from $280


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Checking your email, working on projects, or on your digital content, Lumen home desktops will keep you connected

Starting from $280

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business DESKTOPS​

business DESKTOPS

Dependable Desktop computers with essential features and reliable support.

Starting from $280

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gaming DESKTOPS​


For Ultimate Gaming, High performance gaming and premium features, Lumen delivers the most immersive experience.

Starting from $399

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lumen prime

Home PC

lumen Chroma

Gaming PC

Assembled and supported

in the arabian gulf

Built in the Arabian Gulf

Every Lumen PC is assembled by hand in the Arabian gulf. Every step of the way of the order process, including ordering your system, system assembly, QA, integration, and the final review is completed in the Arabian gulf workers by diverse backgrounds.

knowledgeable support team

Our connection to our customers does not end when your system arrives. Every Lumen PC is backed by our knowledgeable support team based in the Arabian gulf. The support team communicates with our engineers if needed, and collectively we work towards a comprehensive solution any issue.

always welcomed to join us

Our team is welcoming, passionate and diverse. We've grown over the past couple of years thanks to our hard-working team, as well as our incredible customers around the world. We're always looking for amazing talent to join the team.


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